Which reminds me …

The other week we saw the Williams trucks on the motorway presumably heading out to the Hungarian Grand Prix, which reminded me of another sighting of F1 trucks earlier this season.

I’m not sure when it was now but it would have been for one of the first couple of European races. We were buzzing along the motorway, when, heading the other way came the McLaren trucks with their new Vodafone McLaren Mercedes paintwork. As you can imagine they looked pretty impressive, streamlined and futuristic. After a couple of seconds of excited pointing, Jo shouted out “Honda truck”, I looked up from the wheel to see what looked like a small old horse type truck with faded dirty paintwork and Honda painted on the side just visible through the grime.

Of course it wasn’t a Honda F1 team truck, but given their performance at the time (and their performance this year generally come to think of it) the analogy was hilarious.

Hmmmm maybe you had to be there.

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