Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 18 Brazil and beyond…

Well, what a race, what a season. I personally think its great for the sport that the title wasn’t decided until the last sector of the last lap of the last Grand Prix and even then both camps thought they had won it.

So the final race, it was wet then dry, Massa led but Hamilton was going to win the championship then Hamilton slipped back and it was all about Massa then it was Hamilton again then it rained again, then it was Massa who crossed the line as champion until Hamilton managed to follow Vettel past Glock on grooves and take the 5th place he needed for the championship.

I’m sure all you really want to know about is what happened here, but first I must apologise for the slight delay in releasing the results, just wanted to make sure Hamilton didn’t get penalised for some technical irregularity and stripped of his title.

So, Massa on pole, 2 points to all but Nick, Massa winning the race gave 4 points to all but Alex, who only managed 1. Alex, Nick, Fourstar and myself managed 1 each for Alonso, GrifF1 had 2 for Raikkonen, whilst Alex, Nick and myself had to settle for 1 each.

Hamilton gave Nick and myself 1 further point each, Igor took 2 for Kovalainen, GrifF1 just 1. Vettel gave GrifF1 the last point.

So Round 18

1 GrifF1 10
2 Bearded Stew 9
3 Igor 8
4 Nick 7
4 Fourstar 7
6 Alex 5

Which would have left the championship looking like this…

1 Fourstar 111
2 Nick 104
3 Igor 90
4 Alex 88
5 Bearded Stew 86
5 GrifF1 86

… If we hadn’t picked our championship contenders way back in March … and who are worth double points!

So for the Championship

Hamilton took 7 pole positions versus 6 for Massa, giving 4 points each to Alex, Nick, GrifF1 and myself, Hamilton taking the championship was worth 8 points to Nick, Fourstar and Igor, with just 2 for Alex, GrifF1 and myself. Raikkonen gave 2 points each to Nick, Fourstar and Igor. Massa did better than most expected but still gave 2 points each to Nick, Fourstar and GrifF1. Alonso with a good run towards the end hands 4 points to Nick and Fourstar and 2 each to Alex and myself. Heidfeld down in 6th was good for 4 points for Fourstar and 2 points for GrifF1 and myself. Igor took the last 2 points for Kubica.

So what does that look like …

1 Nick 20
1 Fourstar 20
3 Igor 12
4 Bearded Stew 10
4 GrifF1 10
6 Alex 8

So after an epic season the result you have all been waiting for …drum roll, fanfare, cue anthem…

SofaF1 Championship 2008

1 Fourstar 131
2 Nick 124
3 Igor 102
4 Bearded Stew 96
4 Alex 96
4 GrifF1 96

Congratulations Fourstar – 2008 SofaF1 Champion!

Thank you all for participating, hope to see you again next year!

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