22 teams apply for 2008 entries

itv.com/f1 – 22 teams apply for 2008 entries
Twenty-two teams have submitted entry applications for the 2008 Formula 1 world championship, the FIA revealed on Friday.

Apparently the FIA are oversubscribed for the 2008 season but they are only going to let 12 teams actually run.

Wouldn’t it be much better to actually allow all teams to run but re-establish the 110% rule. Therefore making it so that qualifying really means qualifying. Some people might not be able to put together a flying lap, so you’d end up with some events where the big boys not in the race.

That could really mix it up and make it interesting, but it will probably never happen because the cost of visiting a race where the only sponsorship airtime you’d get would be in qualifying would be too high for the little teams and they’d all go bust after one season.

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