the newbie’s view


I used to think that Formula One was extremely dull. There, I’ve said it. Twenty-odd ultra-flash, mega-rich playboys whizzing round bits of major cities in tobacco-stickered supercars, lap after tedious, repetitive lap, broadcast mostly in the middle of the night, with Murray Walker shouting incomprehensibly over the top of it all.

However, now that Mr Andronov has explained some of the team politics, the driver history and the genius that is Bernie Ecclestone, I shall approach the whole thing with fresh eyes.

So, as the newcomer to sofaF1, I shall almost certainly be lurking in the wings whispering “What’s the 10-place rule? Why is Sato driving backwards? Hasn’t Raikkonen got nice hair?”, that kind of thing. But I may well try to chip in to the discussions and I hope you’ll treat me gently when I make a dreadful faux pas. As a starter, my chosen team for 2006 is Toyota*

Cheers for now,
Adrian (fourstar**)

* It seemed like a good idea at the time.
** Long story

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