A Man Riding a Dragon Throwing Wolves at Maggots (or, what’s wrong with Rubens)

The title to this post comes from the latest edition of the Scary Movie franchise, and is in fact the only good line in an otherwise awful film. I think, however, that it neatly identifies the problem Rubens has at the moment: incompatibility. He is trying all the wrong things, in the wrong order, to get himself back up to speed. He is compromising himself too much, then aiming at the wrong targets, with the wrong weapons: trying to squash maggots by throwing wolves at them whilst riding atop a dragon. He needs to let his own legs carry him, and stamp on the maggots with his own big shiny boots…

Peter Windsor has summed all this up for us: “the sooner he goes back to right-foot-braking the better”.

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