The home (dis)advantage

Is racing/playing at home an advantage?

I predicted Schumacher would win today’s race, not necessarily because he had the faster car, but because I thought Alonso wouldn’t be able to take the pressure. For Alonso, like I would say Barrichello, racing at home is normally a disadvantage. Nonetheless, Alonso, showing his class, managed it.

But, there’s another point to be made: Montoya spins on lap 17 and stops in an extremely dangerous position. They should put out the safety car. They don’t. I remember a few years ago the marshals pushing Michael back onto the track when he spun into a gravel trap in Germany. A couple of years later he did the same thing (somewhere like Australia), but no one came to push him. The home advantage isn’t just the fans cheering you on, it is the marshals and the race organisers as well. If the safety car had been deployed, Alonso would have been in trouble…

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