The murk of the driver’s market

Next year will be the most fundamental shift in the driver’s market in a long time. We could see all new drivers in the top three teams – Ferrari, McLaren and Renault. It all depends on Michael. If he stays, Massa will probably stay. Raikkonen then might go to Renault. But if Michael leaves, everything is up in the air. Raikkonen will go to Ferrari, leaving Renault with no top-line driver. They’ll want to get rid of Fisi, but won’t have anyone to replace him with. Montoya wants to leave, but has nowhere to go, and I doubt Renault will want him. So who’ll partner Raikkonen at Ferrari and Alonso at McLaren? One thing is for certain: nothing is certain. Next year’s championship will be fascinating, it’ll separate the good from the great: only the most stable team, and driver most capable of adapting to new circumstances will win. My money’s on Alonso.

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