The point of consolation

Much has been made this and last year of how many points Coulthard has scored, something like the 4th highest ever. He is also, for now, one of the drivers on the grid with the most wins to his name. Are these not poor consolation prizes for someone who couldn’t win a championship? What does it matter if he has scored so many points if he hasn’t done it in one season, consistently? Doesn’t it just mean that he’s been a round a lot? And the amount of wins he has is just circumstanial – we have a very young grid at the moment. Soon Alonso and Raikkonen will overtake him.

Nonetheless, like Alex, since bearded Dave moved to Red Bull I have liked him a lot more, mainly because of his humility, and I’d like him to have one more win, maybe round the twisty streets of Monaco?

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