Two problems with the problem

Should Alonso be on pole? He set his fastest lap on the lap that Michael was stalled on the track. Isn’t that illegal? If there are waved double-yellows you should not be going faster than you have before. We’ve seen this before with Alonso – Brazil a few years ago and the crash that stopped the race allowing Fisi in the Jordan to win. Alonso ignored the waved yellow flags there too.

Also, I think we should not be saying ‘why did he cheat?’, but ‘why don’t more of them cheat?’. If all of the drivers were doing crazy things like this, racing would be much more fun, and it would show how much they cared about winning. It used to be an accepted part of the sport, but has since been purified out.

But did he cheat? Why would a world champion make a mistake on a simple (or at least simplified a few years ago) corner? We’re not even half-way through the season, he’s not that far behind Alonso, and he would have been second or third anyway. Not that serious, really. Neither answer makes any sense. Like Webber said, only Michael knows.

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