Exit Poles

What do you make of the itv-f1.com polls?

I think I’ve only ever voted once (something to do with Jacques that I was infuriated by), but they are interesting to see how the public reacts to events. For instance, the majority damned Schumacher for what happened in Monaco. But by Silverstone they were all wanting him to win. Is it the same people voting? Sometimes they seem knowledgeable and intelligent, at others simply prone to the media’s whims. At the moment they’re voting that Kovalainen will partner Fisi, which seems a sensible conclusion.

One problem I have is the phrasing of some of the questions, which sometimes invites people to vote for what they like rather than what they believe will actually happen (which I think is the better way). For an example of the difference, compare the current poll on f1.com: they ask ‘who would you most like’ to partner Fisi (and the answer is Raikkonen), whereas itv have it right for once and ask ‘who do you think’. Itv also have many more options to choose from.

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  1. Little says:

    I’m really ecixted to get your wonderful info and am looking forward to Spring and planting. We live in Lehi on the West side of the freeway just South of Thanksgiving Point. Are we on the same schedule as Pleasant Grove?? Thanks so much.

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