Thoughts from Magny Cours

If you want to know what Webber would look like as a McLaren driver (as has been speculated by someone I think) take a look at de la Rosa, the similarities are uncanny!

The MON MOY MOT graphic was used much sparingly in the race which pleased me greatly, only twice I think and both times to show positions relative to pole.

The biggest rant from the Sofa over the weekend though came during qualifying. Once again sparked off by a commentator.

Jenson Button had failed to make it through the first qualifying session ending up 18th or something which provoked the nearest thing you might get to a torrent of abuse (from commentator A) directed to towards Honda, something like “Take a look at yourselves Honda, take a look at yourselves” presumably because they hadn’t provided Button with a car that would go very fast.

Just as he was saying this though, Rubens in a presumably identical Honda slipped in a lap which moved him out of the first session drop zone.

Nothing wrong with a bit of emotion, indeed in these very pages it has been encouraged in recent months, but in this case it seemed to me to be completely misplaced.

Now I don’t want to appear to be having a go at Button but blaming Honda is probably not fair. Sure they’ve got plenty of work to do, but the fact is that Rubens made it go fast enough in that session and for whatever reason Jenson didn’t.

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