Germany Pole Poll

Is Ferrari on the up? Will Renault’s new package push them back to the front? Or is it all about the tires, and in that case whose?

McClaren are talking really strongly about their race chances this weekend but they haven’t been anywhere for a while. Pedro de la Rosa had the fastest lap last race but where is that pace in qualifying. You’d have to say that unless we see them on the front row of the grid on Sunday we aren’t going to see a win.

In all of the confusion Honda are going backwards which leaves the serious possibility that they could be overtaken by Toyota and BMW by the end of the season. This would spell big trouble for Honda racing management as not only is their arch rivalry between Honda and Toyota but also BMW have only been in formula one for a year so that might look really bad.

If it is the tires that are helping Ferrari then expect Toyota to have the edge. Especially as BMW may be on the back foot after their aero ban.

But at the front Michaels on a roll and he needs to keep it going. Massa’s been getting stronger and seems like a great team player and he’ll really need to be because Michael can’t win the championship by simply winning all of the races any more.

But will Renault be spooked by the enforced changes to their cornering system? Will Alonso be able to keep it together. And what of Fisi? When things are difficult for Alonso sometimes Fisi will just come along and really put the boot in. And he most certainly isn’t as nice a team player.

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