Can Kubica cut it?

I was most surprised to hear they’ve replaced Villeneuve for Hungary, and possibly longer. And, I do think it was a replacement: Jacques was fine after his crash, and now he’s suddenly injured? For a driver struggling to get a seat for next year, you don’t want to give up any chances to prove yourself, no matter how injured. And what race is it? The one possibly nearest to Kubica’s Poland? And the next? Turkey? This seems all too suspiciously neat for BMW. Jacques needs to remain focused and not say anything remotely bitter, otherwise people will start to say he’s gone back to his old moaning self, and then he’ll never get a drive.

So, following on from our ‘that special something’ thread, is Kubica going to cut it? The problem for him is that Hungary is a very, very hard track to do much with.

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