Michael gets pointed out

So after Kubica was disqualified Michael, despite retiring three laps from the end, gains a world championship point on Alonso. This, of course, could be the point that wins the championship, or it could not – we’ll know in two months time. Does he really deserve it? Yes and no.

He drove amazingly with an underperforming car – just look at how far Massa went back for a comparison. However, he drove far too aggressively towards the end. I was watching the times at the time, and if he had pitted when De la Rosa was behind him he could have rejoined either in front of, or just behind, Heidfeld, with plenty of laps left to try and overtake him, and maybe get to De la Rosa. Either way, it was a guaranteed 5 points. The other thing he could have done, of course, was let De la Rosa by: Heidfeld was at least 11 seconds behind and even if he caught Michael at 2 seconds a lap, he would have only just got to him by the last lap, and probably not been able to make a pass. Either way, again, you leave with at least 5 points. Better than nothing, and better than one.

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