Gifted the win?

In the light of the articles that have already reached sofaF1 this might seem out of date now seeing as how I was unable to post this when I wrote it! But here we go anyway!

I didn’t see the Hungarian Grand Prix live due to a social engagement, but I did know it was wet. When I saw the race result on Sunday evening proclaiming Jenson Button the winner I must confess I did think it must have been the ultimate race of attrition with Button the only driver left.

Even watching the race on Monday morning, knowing Button had won, I was trying to work out what events would take place to get him to the chequered flag first.

Button did well at the start moving from 14th to 11th by then end of the first lap and then up to 8th in the third lap.
Schumacher however, on the wet Bridgestones rocketed from 11th to 4th on the first lap, pretty much removing his starting position disadvantage immediately. Alonso too made up a huge chunk, not as quickly as Schumacher but progressing from 15th to 1st as the race unfolded.

I am pleased Alonso did well here in this stage of the race. It is easy to start doubting whether a great driver has still got it, especially when outside factors like tyres and mass damper systems etc seem to have had such a dramatic effect on performance recently.

Alonso though, showed that in the rain (the great leveller in my book) he still could make the difference.

Commentator A was obviously excited by Button more than usual this weekend as Button was closing Alonso down, but I think I would still have favoured Alonso for the win. Renault strategy was looking good and Alonso probably had plenty of motivation to take maximum points this weekend.

Sadly for Alonso it wasn’t to be, good for the championship though!

It would have been good to see a straight fight between Alonso and Button, especially as Honda had done such a good job with the pit stops and strategy too.

Sadly for us that wasn’t to be either with Alonso gifting the lead (This was just my perception in the race as Button still had to stop again!) to Button as his Renault suffered a rare mechanical failure.

But as the legend himself used to say “To finish first, first you have to finish” and Button had put in a very good drive (both in qualifying and the race) to get him into 2nd close behind Alonso, and consequently reap the rewards when Alonso ground to a halt.

It might have been better to see Button fight it out with Alonso and take the victory but a win is a win and to finish 40 seconds ahead is a good job well done.

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