Blast from the past

It was interesting to see that ITV had gone back to a studio format for China. This used to be the norm for all the fly away races other than australia and whichever race ended the season. But for last few years Jim made the case to ITV for them to be out there regardless of the distance. This made even more sense when they got rid of their studios at the events. I wonder if it was a lack of Jim’s determination that let ITV off of the hook?

ITV couldn’t have picked a worse moment to choose for this cost saving. Not only was it less exciting just at a time when the championship is more exciting than ever but because of the rain situation they were isolated from information on the most important story of the day. Having Steve and Mark under an umbrella at the start would tell the story so much more effectively.

I found myself trusting them less than I usually do because it seemed like the information they were giving was more third hand than it normally would seem. I mean I know they get given things to talk about by their team when they are out there too but it did seen pretty futile when Steve asked Mark his opinion on an issue.

The whole setup in China is apparently quite difficult for them because the teams and the press are kept even more seperate than in other races with the whole pontoon situation. And maybe that added with the early morning and distance made the decision for them. I hope it was that because I for one want to see them back in the pit next weekend.

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