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Which is your favourite newspaper? Mine used to be the Independent, but there has been a gradual drift towards the Guardian, certified today by the discovery that they were the only paper to feature Schumacher on the front page. Inside was then an (almost) double-page spread of news and details about the championship. Ok, so if you buy Gazzetta dello Sport, you’ll probably get 4 full-page, full-broadsheet size, spreads, but not many of us here speak Italian. I think the Guardian is the best.

In other news, the Germans are celebrating yesterdays win as one of Michael’s best (see, which is not letting me login at the moment to view the review articles) – but his brilliance in China didn’t stop when he got out of the car. After celebrating with his mechanics perhaps with more joy than we’ve ever seen before (Sabine Kehm was even surprised) he then had the sense to have a quick look at Alonso’s front tyres on his way past the Renault. Genius.

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