A Conservative Party

Renault’s party on Sunday night must have been muted. They’ve won, but not quite yet. They can celebrate, almost. All they have to do next weekend is play it safe, but playing it safe is a very dangerous policy. Alonso has to drive aggressively, otherwise he could easily have an accident, or fall off the road. Remember 2003? Michael had to score one point, and Kimi had to win the race. In the end, Rubens won the race preventing that eventuality from even happening, but Michael had huge problems scoring that one point. Will it be the same for Alonso?

Incidentally, if Michael had won this year (and he still might) then he’d have won the championship as many times as he’s lost it (8 wins, 8 losses). I think that’s the incredible statistic he was aiming for. Now, however, it will be 9 losses, 7 wins. Not quite so good. Alonso is 2 wins, 3 losses. Not bad for a rookie. I remember Michael saying he’d give up when someone came along to challenge him. Do you think he’s finally accepted Alonso is that man?

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