The worst idea ever

Engine Homologation. Does anyone think it’s a good idea? The most significant point, for me at least, is that engine homolgation, along with the single control tyre, will make Formula 1 essentially a chassis formula next year. This is a very sad thing. F1 needs to be driven at every level to be the fastest it can be. Perhaps two thirds of what makes a car go fast will now be static in development.

Formula 1 has, though, always been a balance between the natural and the artificial, the man and the machine. There have always been limits. When the balance is right the casual viewer doesn’t notice the artificial. But the sport also can’t be as wasteful and as expensive as it is at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be any solution to this problem.

Or, at least, not yet. The influx of manufacturers is both a good and a bad thing, but I believe, with Schumacher’s retirement, we may now see the beginning of the end for them. It may take maybe five years or more, but without such a figure as him in the sport, that perhaps attracted them in the first place, they’ll begin to lose interest. I’m not saying this will solve the problem, but it may make a solution easier to find. We need drivers and mechanics striving to go faster, and having the rules relaxed enough to let them.

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