The Wolf was coming

Alonso has recently talked of his feelings during this year’s championship, evocatively comparing Ferrari and Michael Schumacher to a wolf hunting him down. In the end, he said, the good guys won. Now, I think Alonso is a pretty great driver, but I do have a few problems with him. One of them is this righteous attitude he seems to have. It came out over the mass-damper affair, and especially after his penalty in Monza. In truth, I found it a little annoying, his under-dog, martyr-like, stance. He seemed to be whining a bit much for a Grand Prix driver. This is especially so when you look at the facts: all those incidents did was to level the playing field. Michael never went ahead on the points table. Ferrari were never given the lead in any way, all that happened was Alonso’s was cut. Then, the only reason Alonso won was due to Ferrari’s failures in the last two races. To say that Renault ‘deserved’ to win is really quite silly. Still, when you think about it, Alonso’s only 25…

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