Behind the Podium

   ‘Congratulation on the championship’, Ron said through gritted teeth.
   ‘Well,’ said Fernando, wiping sweat from his brow, and suddenly becoming very serious, ‘the thing about you guys is that you make it so difficult because you keep developing your cars.’
This was not the reply Ron was expecting.
   ‘You could be part of it’ he said, trying to make light of the comment, half-joking.
   ‘I’d like to be.’
Ron’s smile disappeared instantly. Suddenly the room was filled with noise, more people started arriving, Kimi and Juan Pablo, officials and the podium representatives.
   ‘Are you serious?’ he managed to ask as Fernando was being ushered away.
   ‘Yes’ came the reply, and Fernando nodded, emphasising his seriousness with his thick Spanish eyebrows.
Ron waited a moment as everyone left the room, now quiet and still again. He heard the roar from outside as the drivers stepped on to the podium.
   ‘Mr Dennis, we’re ready for you now’ said an official, poking his head back through the doorway, then disappearing.
Ron took a quick look around then did a Schumacher leap, jumping a foot from the ground, punching his fists in the air, and left the room singing to himself ‘Back in the saddle again!’.

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