How about this for an idea?

The 2007 season is shaping up to be an exciting one. With new drivers, old drivers in different teams, changes within the teams themselves and everybody claiming to have a good car after winter testing, its hard to guess how it is all going to pan out.

Since the SofaF1 world will be humming with wisdom, driver form comment, pole polls, wishful thinking and Nick’s crazy prediction of the week, why not try and harness some of the predictive effort into a bit of a competition?

This would require the competitors (i’m guessing at just us 3!) to submit a prediction to SofaF1, before each qualifying session and race, of the top 8 (or something) positions for each. Points would then be awarded on some basis and the race (from the sofa) would be on.

Anyway its just an idea at this stage, but if you think it is worth a go and we can think up a scoring system then i am happy to administrate the point accumulation.

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