What a drag for Ferrari

The new Ferrari looks more like a drag car than a normal F1 car and I’m quite excited by this change. It really seems to show some serious pushes forward in the development department.

It may also be a sign of the new Ferrari design team taking a bold new and stamping their authority on Ferrari.

My only worry is this Kimi has had a long run of unreliable cars. I wanted this Ferrari to be more bulletproof than the last one just for Kimi’s sake.

But on the other hand you can’t make an car fast without stressing a few parts. And that car needs to be fast if he’s going to win.

If you’d ask most drivers what they’d want in a car they’d probably say they want a car that’s fast and reliable. And then they’d start to talk about the compromises you need to make. And how in the end reliable is probably slightly more important. If you’d ask Kimi what would he say? Maybe, “I don’t care as long as I win”.

About Alex Andronov

Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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