Silent but deadly

Kimi doesn’t talk a lot. I mean he’s famous for not talking a lot. And I wonder if that might be more important than ever this year. Not only because he’s going to be dealing with a set of people used to getting a lot of feedback from their driver. And that he’s probably, lets face it, got worse over his years at McLaren.

But also because of the changes to the way that Fridays will now work.

Up until last year Fridays were a day for the test drivers. The idea was to bring in a lot of fresh talent and kind of give them a go. And lo Formula One has a lot of fresh talent and the older more bankable stars are being pushed out and suddenly a stop has been put to the fresh talent. Now the race drivers will be able to drive on a Friday which has the added benefit of meaning that if you’re a punter and you go on a Friday you might actually see somebody you’ve heard of.

So what’s this got to do with Kimi? Well if he can’t explain to his engineers what he needs doing to his car. And he can’t send out another driver to test for him as they used to then maybe it will get very difficult.

Or maybe Kimi will finally become better at it because there is simply no other method for improving the car.

About Alex Andronov

Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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