Feeling Bullish

Although Alex has stolen some of my thunder, I’ve collected here the predictions of every team who’s said want they want to achieve this year. Obviously for the top teams the only goal is the championship, but hopefully this will serve as a reference later in the year for those middle of the grid guys whose eyes were bigger than their stomachs. Only time will tell.

Toyota are targeting a win, or to be at least as good as 2005, battling for third, and much better than last year.

Super Aguri aim to be in the top ten, and want to target points.

Renault think Kovalainen could win a race, and that Fisichella’s going to challenge for the championship.

Red Bull aim to be in the top five, amongst the ‘big boys’.

Toro Rosso plan to stay ahead of Super Aguri and possibly compete with Williams.

Honda are aiming for consistent race wins, and possibly the championship.

McLaren want the championship with Alonso, or to be fighting for it at the end.

BMW plan to shorten the gap to the top four, and possibly break in to them.

Ferrari want the championship.

I haven’t got Williams or Spyker yet. If you have any more, or any contradictory, claims let me know!

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