Super Superbowl?

I watched the Superbowl last night and was rather disconcerted by something. Once the Indianapolis Colts had won and the podium ceremony was set up, it was the owner of the team who received the trophy first, then the coach, then finally the captain. Clearly, all anyone watching in the stadium or at home wanted to see was the captain, Peyton Manning, lift it. So why the other two guys? Imagine Schumacher winning a race and Montezemelo being given the trophy, then Jean Todt, then Michael. It seems counter-intuitive. I thought it must be a cultural thing, or that American Football is run by corporations rather than sportsmen. But is F1 any different? Or maybe they realised that they have to give the owner something, and no one would be paying any attention after Manning had lifted it. Perhaps they were just saving the best for last.

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