An Ordered Team

Subsequent to my race-time blitherings, in his review of the race James Allen gives a reason for the priority given to Alonso during the pit stops. Apparently, McLaren always let the fastest qualifying driver choose a strategy which the slower one isn’t allow to cover. If Hamilton had been on an opposing team, he would’ve fuelled longer and stopped later than Alonso for the second stop. As it was, McLaren fuelled him shorter, so he stopped earlier, allowing Alonso to put in two quick laps, and pass him. What effect did the backmarkers have, however? Would Alonso have beaten Hamilton even if he stopped later? We won’t know. But it will be interesting to see if they continue this policy. As James says, if Hamilton out-qualifies Alonso will he really be given priority? Alonso surely is the better bet for the championship. I can’t help feeling that such a good start to the season for Hamilton is probably the worst thing that could happen. Now the expectations for him are even higher. It could all end disastrously.

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