SofaF1 Championship – Round 3

Things seem to be going from bad to worse in the points scoring stakes here at SofaF1. This is the lowest scoring round to date with a total of 7 points being scored from a potential 80! Nick and Fourstar fared the worst with a massive nil point between them.

Alex and myself take 4 and 3 points respectively but none of those were from getting anyone in the right place!

Alex grabbed his points for Massa, Hamilton, Alonso and Kubica, putting Alonso behind Hamilton even seemed to him to be a bizarre move but it paid off.

Mine were a bit more sporadic with Hamilton, Heidfeld and Fisichella each contributing a point.

A bad scoring race,

Round 3

1. Alex 4
2. Bearded Stew 3
3. Nick 0

4. Fourstar 0

but it tightens the championship up a bit though


1. Nick 16
2. Alex 15
3. Bearded Stew 9
4. Fourstar 9

Well the general feeling about race was pretty good, loads of overtaking on the dusty circuit, Rosberg all over the shop, Coulthard on a charge and Webber in a flap.

Both Williams’ finished this time albeit out of the points, both Red Bull’s didn’t.

Rubens once again finished ahead of Button, but to be fair Button never really got going this week.

Heidfeld was awesome, His third 4th place in a row. He finally seems to be able to show his talent and use his experience in a car that goes fast enough and keeps going!

Trulli again scores 7th and Fisichella with his third points finish takes 8th.

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