SofaF1 Championship – Round 5

Well they say a win at Monaco is worth half a championship and certainly for Nick that seems to be holding true!

I was pretty happy that I picked the winner correctly and would have been happy with those four points, the fact that I got an extra point for Hamilton and another couple for Alonso on pole meant I could barely contain myself with my best points haul so far.

Nick on the other hand took it to a whole new level landing a massive 14 points, correctly getting Alonso on Pole, Alonso winning followed by Hamilton and Massa, and Kubica and Heidfeld taking 5th and 6th.

Fourstar picked Hamilton for second gaining 2 points and picking up a third point for Heidfeld.

Alex was a bit off with Heidfeld on pole although that would have been quality, but his omen in the morning was partially correct, it was all about Lewis (for him), who scored him his only 2 points.

Round 5

1 Nick 14
2 Bearded Stew 7
3 Fourstar 3
4 Alex 2

Which only just moves me up to second place in the championship, but we are all struggling to keep up with Nick at the moment!


1 Nick 34
2 Bearded Stew 20
3 Alex 19
4 Fourstar 15

Well, perhaps surprisingly most of the cars finished at Monaco this year, Liuzzi, both Spykers and Webber were the exceptions. Mark Webber again this time engine/transmission woes, maybe Coulthard swapped their gearboxes over when no one was looking! Coulthard didn’t really fare that well either being disadvantaged by his 13th place grid position and trouble with his wings, but slipped back to 14th by the end of the race. Scott Speed on the other hand drove from 18th to 9th during the course of the afternoon in his Torro Rosso.

Rosberg qualified an amazing 5th just ahead of Webber, but a bad strategy left him languishing down in 12th. Wurz on the other hand did the opposite and hauled the other Williams up from 11th into the points.

Barrichello again kept his globe ahead of Button’s dream although they both slipped back a place from where they started.

Heidfeld and Kubica did well again only being disrupted by Fisichella dragging his Renault round to maintain 4th.

Great weekend for Alonso with the pole, fastest lap and win, Hamilton and family understandably disappointed not to win this weekend but a great consistent result still showing he is a worthy contender and a win is bound to come soon. He is obviously very talented and should be a very successful racing driver. My only fear is what a win will do to him/his ego/his drive if it comes too soon.

It could happen at one of these next two races though…stay tuned.

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