Formula 1 goes greener

The reason SofaF1 might be particularly interested in this article from Autosport will be unclear for most of our readers. But for the contributors this is probably a pretty interesting read:

Two motor technology companies have struck a deal aimed at cutting the greenhouse gas emissions of Formula One racing cars by recycling energy used during braking to help boost acceleration when overtaking.

Saving money, energy and resources and reducing waste is now top of the agenda for a sport famed in the past for profligate spending and conspicuous consumption.

While the initial focus of the technology will be on racing cars, Torotrak Chief Executive Dick Elsy said that KERS could eventually be applied to mainstream cars “to provide performance, economy and greenhouse emission benefits.”

Arbuthnot analyst Xavier Gunner welcomed the deal, saying it gave “another sign of confidence in the new management and that they are delivering the right strategy.

“At this stage it is just a licence agreement for F1 but it’s interesting because it opens up a whole array of possibilities for them (Torotrak) and the fact that it’s a licence agreement tells us that it’s further down the track than we might have assumed,” he said.

Full Article here

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