We Was Robbed

Again. Despite this being one of the best races I’ve seen (along with Barrichello’s first win in 2000 and maybe Button’s last year), ITV and the British media are conspiring to sour it. Halfway through the hour long Lewis-worship before the race I said I really wish they’d talk about someone else. Alex, however, reprimanded me by saying that we should embrace the attention he gets. So, we probably should, but why didn’t they show the qualifying live on ITV 1? If they love the young guy so much why did they give us only two minutes after the race? Coronation Street was still clearly more important to them. I wonder if the same thing will happen next week? Certainly, contrary to the usual pattern of people viewing the second North American race less than the first, I’m guessing more than twice as many will be watching Lewis launch himself off the line at Indy. What grinds my gears, of course, is that the attention is nothing to do with Formula 1 itself, or good racing. In the end, Lewis won pretty unspectacularly, but what happened five hours earlier in Spain? Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner had one of the toughest fights anyone has ever seen in motorcycle racing for the win of their Grand Prix. Try and find that in your morning paper.

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