SofaF1 Championship – Round 7

Well, its not only been a great week for Hamilton, Nick and Fourstar have both scored heavily too. Fourstar picking Hamilton for pole and the win with Alonso in second managed to liberate 8 points without even breaking sweat. Nick lost out a little bit going for Alonso on pole but easily clawed all that back with Webber and Vettel in 7th and 8th (albeit a late revision). Both Alex and myself also picked Hamilton for the win, the first time we were all in agreement and all right! (we did all pick Raikkonen to win in Bahrain, right car wrong driver!)

Alex also went for Alonso on pole so dropped a point there but grabbed one for Massa. Hamilton scored 6 of my points with Alonso helping out with the last one.


Round 7

1 Nick 11
2 Fourstar 10
3 Bearded Stew 7
4 Alex 6

Which does wonders for Fourstar and leaves Alex wandering wondering.


1 Nick 49
2 Bearded Stew 27
3 Fourstar 27
4 Alex 25

Well a great North American tour for Hamilton, grabbing his first race win last week in Canada and following it up with another at Indianapolis. So 2 race wins after just 7 races in F1 (and just as a comparison, Button has only managed one win in 7 years and 7 races, although he did keep leaving his teams just as their cars were getting good)

Indianapolis for me seemed to be the race of the rookies, Vettel amazingly scoring his first point in his first race, and becoming the youngest driver to score a world championship point in the process, Kovalainen starting to show what we all reckoned he was capable of earlier in the season with strong finish in 5th, and Hamilton of course. Those who didn’t fare so well were Rosberg, huge disappointment after his storm up the order only to pull his car over 4 laps before the end to refill with talc, Heidfeld too another strong race until the car failed underneath him, but as Martin pointed out at least he had his deckchair with him to enjoy the warmth!

Webber did well to score his first points of the season for Red Bull but did seem to be a bit heated with some off track action, but he did finally beat both Williams’, one in the race and one by default. Trulli in the points again, but what will become of Ralf?

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