In Ham’s Way

David Edwards wrote an article for thelondonpaper that typifies the British media’s ignorance of Formula 1, how annoying they’re becoming, and how it’ll never stop until Hamilton retires. Here’s what he says ‘I would have to admit that, while stopping short of actually watching a whole race, I have followed entire laps of recent races. And all because of Hamilton. And all because he’s a Brit’. In an Alex-style exercise, we can translate what he actually said ‘I would have to admit that I’m an idiot. Really, I am. I haven’t actually watched a race, yet I think I’m qualified to give judgements on the sport. And I use the word “Brit” because it makes me sound more patriotic’.

Sadly, he continues, claiming that Hamilton’s nationality is important, he ‘is one of us. He plays for our team. We can relate to him in a way we could never really do with Giancarlo Fisichella’. One of the many reasons I like F1 is that nationality isn’t important. Yes, Hamilton is British, but he drives for a team of multi-nationals (founded by an Australian, with German engines, to begin with). And anyway, how does being born and raised in the same vague geographical area make you able to support them? It’s a myth. After all, I was born and raised in the same town as Nick Heidfeld, but I don’t feel more or less sympathy to him than I do Felipe Massa.

Annoyingly, however, David Edwards does make one good point: F1 hasn’t actually changed. People are saying it’s more exciting this year, but it isn’t. In fact, the racing is less exciting. As we’ve noted, all the races so far have been decided by the first corner. For us on sofaf1, the sport is always fascinating. All it proves is that fans are more interested in characters rather than the sport. I personally am going to move to Germany, where I doubt anyone is watching it anymore.

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