SofaF1 Championship – Round 9

Well done to Alex, Nick and Fourstar who picked Hamilton for pole, the Silverstone effect seemed to give him the extra edge to just pip Raikkonen to the front of the grid, or was it a lighter fuel load?

This was the second race this year we all scored points for pole position, although I only got one by going for the Raikkonen option.

Only Fourstar thought Hamilton would be able to convert his pole into a win though (apart from maybe all the British press who may have got onto some bandwagon somewhere)

Mark Blundell again correctly tipped Raikkonen to be stronger in the race and Nick, Alex and myself also thinking that way were rewarded with 4 points each as Raikkonen gets into the grove and becomes the first person to win 3 races this season.

I was pretty pleased to guess all top three correctly, only been done once before by Nick at Monaco, which launched me into my best points haul this year. I picked up 2 more for Kovalainen and one each for Massa and Heidfeld.

Alex too gets his highest score, adding to his pole and win with 2 for Heidfeld and one each for Hamilton, Alonso, Massa, Kubica and Kovalainen.

Nick keeps his championship steadily progessing adding a couple for Kubica and Hamilton to his tally.

Fourstar kept the scoring going too, correctly guessing Alonso for second and Massa in fifth landing him another 4.

So Round 9 the half way race…

1 Bearded Stew 13
2 Alex 13
3 Nick 8
4 Fourstar 6

Alex does close up a bit on Nick, as he was hoping, but it is still neck and neck in the midfield for the championship.

1 Nick 62
2 Bearded Stew 46
3 Alex 46
4 Fourstar 36

Anything is still possible.

Well even Bernie had to admit it was a great GP at Silverstone. The race, again like France, had a bit of strategy coming into play. With first Alonso skipping into the lead after the first round of pits stops and then Raikkonen doing the same thing at the second. Massa though did really well, to start from the back and get into 5th and only missed out on 4th because of Kubica’s defensive driving, not any lack of speed on his part.

Webber out again, while both Williams finished albeit behind Coulthard in the other Red Bull. The Honda’s seem to be getting slowly better and took 9th and 10th with Rubens coming in ahead of Button for the 7th time this year.

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