Mind The Windows, Tino*

I would like to introduce to the famous portal of sofaF1 the idea of ‘sledging’.

For those of you not in the know, this is the deliberate use of humorous and/or offensive banter by cricketers (and baseball too, although it was described as ‘trash-talk’ by our Canuck guest in the Rack & Tenter) to put off an opposition batsman/batter.

So what can this have to do with the exciting world of Formula 1, I hear you shout above the sound of Bernie counting his yachts?

How about this – all teams are permitted not only to listen in to other team radio conversations but to interject with witticisms and fruity comment designed to distract the driver/team form their intended course of action and hopefully gain an advantage for yourself.

Now that might sound stupid (might? – Ed.) but it would be no good just shouting insults across the airwaves “la la la you’re crap you are Alonso”, it would just be ignored; he clearly isn’t crap. But how about “Mmmm, lovely bit of chorizo” or “What colour is that on the pit wall? Is it taupe? Or camel? Do you think they have it at B&Q?” or “Isn’t that Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing Manolos and a smile?”…..

And if that fails, you could always lob jelly beans onto the track 🙂

Any suggestions for (un)suitable banter? Comment below!

* famous Freddie Flintoff sledge, in case you were wondering

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