Language Barrier

Allegedly this is part of the radio conversation between Lewis and Ron Dennis.

According to the Times and Daily Mail:
Hamilton: “Don’t ever f****** do that to me again!”
Dennis: “Don’t ever f****** speak to me like that again!”
Hamilton: “Go f****** swivel!”

People have been speaking a lot over the weekend about the problems between Lewis and Alonso and how it’s going to be very difficult to rebuild. But while it’s an important relationship it isn’t the most important relationship at McLaren for Lewis. The most important relationship is with Ron. Team bosses are megalomaniacs, they want power and they’ll do anything to get it. Being told to f-off by a little pip squeak is going to annoy Ron even if they are world champion leading pip squeaks.

Having Damon Hill on the commentary reminded me that sometimes team bosses will even fire a driver who just won them the world championship. Remember Ron cares far more about the constructer’s championship than the driver’s championship.

I think in Ron’s mind what Lewis did at the beginning of Quali 3 and Alonso did at the end were equally stupid. But what he might never forgive Lewis for is not singing from the corporate hymn sheet with the race stewards. It was basically Lewis’ testimony that lost McLaren the constructer’s points. While some might say that Lewis wouldn’t have had to have lied if Alonso hadn’t done what he did, I’m not sure Ron will see it like that.

Alonso is refusing to speak to Lewis and that might be bad for Lewis, but I wonder if it is his relationship with Ron which may be in deep trouble. And if that’s the case it will be far more crucial.

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