Rookie Leads Championship

No, not Formula 1, but MotoGP. Ok, so Casey Stoner is actually in his second year, but he did spend most of his debut season falling off his bike. This makes it all the more remarkable, I think, that he’s now leading by 85 points (not as big as it would be in F1, as you get 25 points for a win) over Valentino Rossi. He is also one year younger than our own Lewis Hamilton. At least one difference is, though, that Stoner is almost certainly going to win now, whereas Hamilton still has a lot of work to do, under pressure from his own team-mate, and two in another team, where Stoner isn’t. Stoner has absolute dominance in his team and with his bike, the kind of combination we’re used to seeing in F1 (Schumacher and Ferrari, Alonso and Renault) but just isn’t happening this year. We should be thankful, though, as MotoGP races (or at least yesterday’s) are now getting quite boring when they used to be exciting. Turkey was hardly a stunner, but I’m betting Monza will be…

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