SofaF1 Championship – Round 13

What a round that was, our highest scoring round to date, 41 points scored between us out of a possible 80, we finally broke the 50% barrier!

We all did well this week, although myself and Nick did a bit better than Alex and Fourstar, but there were some good points being scored all round.

We all went for Alonso on pole except for Alex who stuck with the Hamilton option, but Hamilton did make it onto the front row so did score him a point.

Hamilton scored 2 points for all of us in the race, which was great but I managed to hold my nerve and keep Alonso in which yielded 4 points for me, Fourstar got one for Alonso too and grabbed another 4 for Heidfeld and Rosberg. Alex had to make do with 4 points from the lower order, with one each for Heidfeld, Kubica, Rosberg and Kovalainen.

Nick and myself also got a point each for Kovalainen, 2 for Raikkonen, 2 for Rosberg, 1 for Heidfeld in my case and 2 for Kubica in Nick’s.

All in all a pretty rock n’ roll score.

Round 13

1 Bearded Stew 14
2 Nick 11
3 Fourstar 9
4 Alex 7

Which really does make things interesting for the championship, I like Alonso have closed right up on the lead, it looked for a while like it was going to be all over, but now with only a few races left to go, it’s wide open still.


1 Nick 82
2 Bearded Stew 81
3 Alex 70
4 Fourstar 60

Well, a great race at a classic circuit. Alonso really did do the business all weekend and deserved to come away with maximum points. Hamilton too, kept it going strong especially taking back second from Raikkonen. Ferrari had a few issues and never really looked like making much of an impact, except with the wall. BMW again in a strong points finish, although Kubica seemed to have a bit of trouble balancing on his jack! Rosberg too another great consistent finish, but still chasing Wurz on points, Couthard’s Red Bull though got a bit stuck with its wing.

The race is still very much on, especially here at SofaF1.

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