Popbitch #3

>> F1 spygate <<

Fast car merry-go-round

McLaren face more spying allegations today. Gossip behind the scenes says Fernando Alonso is looking to jump ship at the end of the season whatever happens, with a big money move to a lesser team, rather than take a sabbatical. McLaren are looking at bringing in Jenson Button to be the number two driver at the end of next season. Delighted to get back in a good car, Button is unlikely to be any trouble to the McLaren team.

But the really sensational rumour concerns who provided the extra evidence which shopped McLaren the FIA. Initially fingers were being pointed at Alonso but F1 insiders tell us that the smart money is on Hamilton Snr, who was angry at the team for keeping Lewis in second place in the last race. Surely not?

from popbitch

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