SofaF1 Championship – Round 14

Hopefully Alex has had a chance to see the race now, (thats the reason i’m a bit late honest!) so we won’t be spoiling it for him by revealing the results after 14 races, and some interesting developments have occurred.

Alex, Nick and myself all went for a midfield of Hamilton, Massa, Heidfeld in 3rd, 4th and 5th, it didn’t completely work out that way but we did get a point for Hamilton and 2 for Heidfeld, Fourstar was also in on the action with Heidfeld in 5th, it’s the only time so far we have all gone with Heidfeld in this position and he has delivered. Heidfeld has been pretty consistent around 5th in the finishing order, scoring five 4th’s, two 5th’s and three 6th’s so far this season.

Above that Nick and myself both got a point for Raikkonen, Alex one for Alonso and Fourstar 2 for Massa. Alex and Nick, got 2 for Raikkonnen on pole, but only Alex got the win right landing another 4 points! Actually Alex was on a bit of a roll by this stage heading for his second highest points finish of the year so far.

The last couple of points were picked up by Rosberg, one each for Nick and Fourstar and Kovalainen, one for Alex, but I had a bit of a late surge and managed to grab 2 points for both of them. Result.

Round 14

1 Alex 11
2 Bearded Stew 8
3 Nick 7
4 Fourstar 7

I’m not sure about anyone else but I was disappointed to get just 8 points, but actually it’s a pretty good score and our collective 3rd highest score of the season.

This is the good bit for me, with three races to go I have managed to catch Nick who has been leading the championship since Malaysia!


1 Nick 89
2 Bearded Stew 89
3 Alex 81
4 Fourstar 67

I’d say Spa was a good race for Alonso, maybe not a classic, but he held off Hamilton at the start and seemed to have the advantage over his team mate, gradually chipping away at this championship lead. Great race for Ferrari obviously, and especially for Raikkonen, he needed to win that one to really have a shot at the championship and, with Hamilton finishing in fourth, made up a good chunk of ground.

Great drive again from Heidfeld, he really does seem comfortable and has got into a great groove this year at BMW. How about Sutil? He was really going for it, his car seems to vastly improved, bit late in the season though!

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