SofaF1 Championship – Correction

After a full investigation into the Championship total points discrepancy I have unearthed a problem.

To clarify where we stand: All the individual race points declared on the reports are correct, therefore the summary that Alex produced is also correct. The problem lies with the total points calculation and was triggered by a change made retrospectively to cope with the fact that Vettel had been driving for 2 teams, BMW and Torro Rosso.

As I’m sure you will remember Nick and Fourstar both scored points with Vettel when he drove for BMW at Indianapolis replacing Kubica after his huge crash.

These were reported correctly at the time. The problem arose when Vettel then joined Torro Rosso and started racing there. As part of the wider function of the SofaF1 Championship system, I needed to be able to track teams points for the constructers title. So I retrospectively changed Vettel’s name in the raw data to indicate that he was driving a BMW, but it didn’t occur to me to change the name on the predictions table also. Looking back now it was an oversight on my part and I am sorry.

Hopefully when the World SofaSport Council reconvene to discuss this matter it will be taken into account that Vettel drivng for 2 teams in one season is a little unusual and I might be let off with the benefit of the doubt.

Please, Nick and Fourstar, accept my apologies. It wasn’t my intention to diddle you out of any points, although I appreciate it does look a bit fishy as it did help my challenge somewhat.

So this what the championship does really look like.


1 Nick 91
2 Bearded Stew 89
3 Alex 81
4 Fourstar 68

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