SofaF1 Championship – Round 15

I’m sure when they decided to move the Japanese Grand Prix from Suzuka they weren’t trying to get a wet race fixture, but once again the wet race does make for some pretty interesting watching and as is often the case the whole field gets pretty mixed up.

I must admit when planning my predictions I did go for a fairly regular combination, with all cars being McLaren, Ferrari, BMW and Renault.

It started great for Fourstar and myself, Hamiton on pole got us 2 points in the bag straight away. Nick got one for Alonso but Alex was left back on the second row.

Unfortunately for me, my points didn’t get much further, the mixing up of the field in the wet conditions meant I only picked up one further point for Kubica.
Kubica came good for Alex too, landing him with all his 2 points for the weekend. Nick got a point for Raikkonen, but it was Fourstar and Hamilton who really shone in the wet this weekend, not only bagging maximum points for Hamilton’s pole and win, Fourstar went on to add one each for Raikkonen and Massa too.

Round 15

1 Fourstar 8
2 Bearded Stew 3
3 Alex 2
4 Nick 2


1 Nick 93
2 Bearded Stew 92
3 Alex 83
4 Fourstar 76

The championship closes up even tighter here at SofaF1 this week, with Nick’s lead down to just one point!

I must confess I was a bit disappointed the safety car stayed out so long, but there were still some interesting strategic moves being played out, Ferrari did look like they were sitting pretty for a while, but then they kept stopping every couple of laps for more fuel. Raikkonen though had a great drive to come through from the back to finish third.

Hamilton seemed to have all the luck with him today, surviving a collision with Kubica and then Alonso being stuck in traffic after the first pit stops and finally crashing out with nil point to add to his tally while Hamilton went onto win.

Webber looked like he was going to be on for a well earned podium with Vettel, who had been driving great, until he rammed Webber and took them both out. Although I think if I was Webber and threw up in my helmet at the start of the race I would be wondering whether the afternoon was really going to be all that successful.

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