Big Dave…

At the pub last night conversation turned to Formula 1. It hasn’t been possible to talk about F1 in a pub for years, but these days things are a little bit different.

One of the guys there, Big Dave, said something quite interesting…

“Before the season started I really wanted him to succeed. A young black guy coming in to a rich white man’s sport and turning the whole thing over. It would have be fantastic. But when he’s talking I don’t like him, I just don’t. He’s too arrogant, comparing himself t’ Schumacher and t’ Senna. Fuck off! He’s a fuckin’ rookie. I’m a traditionalist and ya shouldn’t be able to fuckin’ win in your first season. If you are then it’s the car, and that’s a cheaters car that car. The best thing he can do for his career is not win the championship. Because he doesn’t want that tainted championship against his name. But anyway I don’t like him.”

Dave did go on, basically, just reordering the sentences and the words above for another 20 minutes, but those were the salient points. The only other thing he mentioned as a aggrieved Scot was, “where was McLaren’s equality when the kept shafting Coulthard over the years?”

Anyway, that’s what the man on the street’s saying…

About Alex Andronov

Alex Andronov is a writer who lives in the UK. He is currently working on 7 novels, 5 film scripts, 2 plays, 2 TV series, 1 history of the United States, 1 travelogue and trying to find some focus.
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