How to Lose a Championship

Perhaps it’s unfair (to both drivers) to say that Hamilton lost rather than Raikkonen won the title. After all, it’s generally agreed that it was McLaren’s mistake not to call Lewis in earlier for tyres in China, and it was the gearbox that dropped him to 18th yesterday, as well as it being Kimi who has won most races this season (and in a car that hasn’t been proven to have cheated).

Anyway, my main problem is with Hamilton’s level-headedness and positive outlook. Whilst this was impressive throughout the season as he kept his cool while Alonso seemingly lost his, now it’s making him seem a bit like a robot. He appears to be suppressing emotion which should naturally be let out. I’d love it if his quotes instead were: ‘I can’t f**king believe it. I’m really bl**dy p*ssed off. I should’ve won today! I feel sh*t. I think Fernando’s a tw*t. I’m going back to my hotel to get really drunk, trash my room and sleep with three Brazilian samba girls at the same time’. Instead, this is probably what Kimi did.

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