SofaF1 Championship – Round 17

Sorry it’s a bit late, I was just waiting for the dust to settle!

“Anything can happen in Formula 1 and it usually does!”

It probably wasn’t the best time to have one of my worst predictions of the year. I only managed 3 points over the whole weekend, one for Hamilton on the front row, and one each for Raikkonen and Heidfeld in the race. Fourstar however, only managed two, Hamilton’s front row and Alonso in the race. The main battle of the weekend was on though between Nick and Alex, Both took 4 for Raikkonen’s win, Nick got one for Hamilton’s front row also and then 2 each for Alonso and Kubica in the race, Alex completed a clean sweep at the front adding Massa on pole to Raikkonen’s win, and another one each for Alonso and Heidfeld.

Round 17

1 Nick 9
2 Alex 8
3 Bearded Stew 3
4 Fourstar 2

Which would have left the championship looking like this…


1 Nick 112
2 Bearded Stew 100
3 Alex 99
4 Fourstar 80

…if we didn’t have our season ending predictions from the beginning of the year to factor in…and double points too (remember that?)

Final Championship Round

1 Alex 20
2 Fourstar 16
3 Bearded Stew 12
4 Nick 4

Alex and Fourstar getting Raikkonen correct is the main points driver here, but Alex really keeps the momentum going with Massa grabbing most poles too. All of Nick’s points were for Kovalainen down in 7th place.

So for the last time this year (unless there are any appeals…which will of course be considered if I have missed anything)

SofaF1 Championship 2007

1 Alex 119
2 Nick 116
3 Bearded Stew 112
4 Fourstar 96

So the final honour goes to Alex, but as you can see it was pretty tight all round, if Hamilton had one less point or Alonso one more it would have changed their order in the championship and given me a whole heap more points!

Nick was definitely in parallel with Hamilton, leading most of the season but falling at the last, Alonso seems to have mirrored my position, second for a good while towards the end pushing for the title only to have it fall apart and dropping to third at the end too, Alex is Raikkonen, steaming through at the end to clobber everyone else and take the championship, while Fourstar is Massa, showing flashes of brilliance throughout, a strong finish and keeping it tight at the top but not quite able to step into the lead.

So as 2007 starts to snooze on the Sofa and dream of 2008, Hamilton no longer a rookie, Fourstar no longer a newbie, Nick eager to get even, Alonso eager to get evener, Alex with a new plan, Stew with a new beard…How can the SofaF1 Championship be better? Comments please!

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