The Moving Pictures

If you log on to nowadays your eyes may be distracted by the flickering images that have appeared on the right. They now show video clips of recent news. Hopefully when the races start we’ll have some kind of preview and review shows to see. This sort of development has surely been in the pipeline for a while, but may have been delayed by problems of licensing and bandwidth. Perhaps this hasn’t even been solved. have their own videos now too. But how good is the quality of either of these going to be? Are they going to show what you want? What do you want?

We seem to still be a long way behind in these terms, but we’re an age behind what is going on in America. Check out the MLB mosaic. You can watch six baseball games live, and have a player alert that tells you when your favourite players are coming up so you can switch to them. This seems so easily transferable to F1, that surely it can’t be long until we have it too?

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