SofaF1 Championship 2008 – Round 1 Australia

Sorry for the delay, as Alex kindly informed you all, i’ve been having a few phone line problems!

But here we go…

Its always hard to know what to expect at the beginning of the season, and I would suggest even more so this year, BMW had a good car but then it didn’t really perform, Ferrari were fast and reliable, McLaren still had the pace, Red Bull had an Adrian Newey car, Honda still had a ropey car but they had Ross Brawn, Williams were making good progress, Renault were still playing down their chances. Then there were the rule changes, banning traction control is probably the most well known change, but how much difference would it really make? They’ve been trying to make the show better for years and not much has really worked.

There may well be a few words people would use to describe the 2008 Australian Grand Prix and I’m sure crazy would be one of them. 22 starters only seven finishers, with points going to drivers who didn’t even make it across the line!

By far the most spectacular race for a long time and I’m sure much will be written about it, but what has been happening in the SofaF1 Championship?

Well this year we have six contestants, welcome to GrifF1 and Igor who join Alex, Nick, Fourstar and myself for 2008.

The first round predictions seemed to place a fair bit of confidence in Raikkonen, but it was Hamilton who dominated the weekend. Fourstar and Igor scored 4 points apiece for the Hamilton win and Fourstar gathered up the only two pole position points scored for Hamiltons pole too.

GrifF1, Nick, Alex and myself all had to make do with picking up the odd points here and there where we could. Predicting Hamilton for second place gave us a point (just the one this year). Nick and myself both had a point for Kovalainen and Alonso, while GrifF1 took 2 for Kovalainen. Nick and myself both scored a further point for Kubica and Bourdais respectively. Frustratingly I would have scored more for Bourdais if Barrichello hadn’t been disqualified and Alex would have got one for Nakajima, but hey anything can happen in Formula 1…

So the first glance at the championship standings after Round 1.

Fourstar 6
Bearded Stew 4
Nick 4
Igor 4
GrifF1 3
Alex 1

Not such a good start for Alex, after his championship win last year, but there’s a long way to go.

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