Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 2 Malaysia

If the first race of the season was hard to predict then the second wasn’t much easier. Our points haul in total was pretty meagre with only 22 points being earned out of a possible 120! Exactly the same as Melbourne!

Alex and GrifF1 hit the big time with Raikkonen’s win earning them 4 points each. Igor had 2 for Kubica’s second place and I got 2 for Kovalainen’s third place but again all the rest of the points were singles picked up here and there.

Fourstar, Nick and myself all got one for Raikkonen. We may have been a bit cautious there! Igor, Nick and Fourstar took one each for Kovalainen, who has had quite a good start at McLaren.

Nick and GrifF1 got one each for Alonso who made it into the points again and Coulthard, who although finishing outside the points was close enough to net Igor and Alex a final point each.

The low points scoring does indicate that the top eight are quite difficult to pick, there isn’t a clear pattern emerging yet with 11 drivers claiming points so far. Which makes the championship pretty tight both for them and us!

So Round 2 gives Alex a boost

1 Alex 5
1 GrifF1 5
3 Igor 4
4 Bearded Stew 3
4 Nick 3
6 Fourstar 2

but not quite enough yet!

2008 Championship

1 Fourstar 8
1 GrifF1 8
1 Igor 8
4 Bearded Stew 7
4 Nick 7
6 Alex 6

A pretty clean race all in all, after the carnage of Melbourne. Disappointing to see Bourdais and Glock out so early in the race, and Vettel too later on. Critical off road excursion for Massa too. He is looking a bit on the back foot for a championship challenge already, especially with Heidfeld matching Raikkonen for points at this stage and Kubica pretty close behind. Good to see Webber in the points too after Melbourne.

Roll on Bahrain.

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