Sofa F1 Championship 2008 – Round 3 Bahrain

The big points this week go to Nick, who is starting to recover some of his 2007 form, and Fourstar who gets back some of his flair from Melbourne.

Clearly the key to doing well is picking the winner, Massa this week gave Nick a big boost when pretty much everyone else had written him off. Maybe that’s not quite true as Fourstar and GrifF1 did manage to hang on for one point each, but Igor and Alex didn’t rank him in the points at all!

Raikkonen was a good earner this week for all of us, though Nick and Igor took 2 points each, and everyone else had to settle for one. Kubica too was pretty good in the points stakes, Igor taking another 2, Alex, Fourstar, Nick and myself taking one which just leaving GrifF1 with nil point for the pole sitter.

Fourstar and Igor both scored points with Kovalainen, 2 and 1 respectively, which just leaves Fourstar and Alex to pick up the last point each with Rosberg who ended disappointingly down in 8th position after his strong weekend.

So after Round 3

1 Nick 7
2 Fourstar 6
3 Igor 5
4 Alex 3
5 Bearded Stew 2
5 GrifF1 2

Which gives the top 3 a whisker of a gap in the Championship

1 Nick 14
1 Fourstar 14
3 Igor 13
4 GrifF1 10
5 Bearded Stew 9
5 Alex 9

Well Massa gets off the starting blocks with a good solid win in Bahrain. Kubica had a great weekend, scoring a historic pole position on Saturday and running well in the race and Raikkonen held it all together to pick up 8 valuable points.

Hamilton was probably the biggest loser from the weekend, a series of problems culminating in a collision with Alonso’s Renault via a poor start pretty much ruined his afternoon. Kovalainen driving well again but still struggling for pace really for much of the race, but again scoring better than Hamilton (probably not too hard this time!)

BMW are really starting to make their mark out there on the track, both cars in great positions taking BMW to the top of the constructors points table.

I think at some point this year on a track that Ferrari struggle with there could be a BMW win if McLaren continue with their less than impressive pace.

But who knows, the season kicks off proper when we get to Europe in three weeks and the form book could have changed again completely.

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