Ferrari are a nose in front of McLaren

You may have seen the story this week about Ferrari showing off their new nose cone. This is what I love about Formula 1. You’d expect it to be one of the struggling midfield teams to come up with radical aerodynamic experiments in order to try to bridge the gap to the front runners, but no, this time it’s Ferrari, currently the fastest car on the grid.

The problem is, however, that as of next year (I believe) this sort of device will be banned. The aim? To promote overtaking. Of course, I love to see cars race wheel to wheel, but I also love that Formula 1 cars are one step away from fighter jets. We seem to be getting incredibly close to having all the cars look and perform the same. It’s always a fine balance, but I believe next year the sport is going too far.

What the actual solution is to the ‘overtaking problem’, if there is one, nobody nose.

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